Reports appeared of a castle in the middle of the night in Rurik near a town near the mystical forest. Undead creatures have appeared and started kidnapping citizens both female and male from the village. Some adventurer investigated some of the mages reported a buildup of energy that appears to be somewhat like a Demonic Realm in the making. The White Council, Church, and Rurik government sent a quick response team from nearby agents. One survivor came back reporting that there were much more powerful undead than what was seen and a vampire lord amongst them. More unusual was the fact that he described what seemed like monsters that existed before the reign of the Monster Lord. That was what took the groups sent by surprise and many were cut down by purely malevolent forces. He eventually succumbed to his wounds before further explanation. Seeking a quick end to this crisis, many organizations sent for experts proven in the field of vampire hunting to go stop another Demonic Realm from being created.

From the report sighted monsters include: (Expect more possible creatures)


Expected obstacles:

Large Castle Structure
Organized Patrols
Monsters (Monster girls as well)
Secret Rooms

Bonuses upon completion from organizations for:

Collecting any relics you can
Defeating the Mistress of the castle
Find out the magic’s behind the anomaly
Collecting any relics you can
Rescuing prisoners/adventurers


rempac Seriousness Yulice Remove